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MOVIE REVIEW: Sustainable

Sustainable is one of the best and most hopeful movies about health and our food system. It takes you through a journey of our food system. Well, not really our conventional food system, but the small and growing system of sustainable crop production.

This film, unlike so many, has no axe to grind except for using our land to produce wonderful food without using up our land. If the film was a river, it would have many streams that it travels down to help us to understand how doable the concept of sustainability is. It lacks the viciousness of other films in going after an enemy, and instead it give hope with some wonderful people along the way. Make no mistake about it, you will want to eat crops and meat from the producers in this film.

The story line is a little lacking and instead of building a case it pounds you with evidence that we can have sustainable farming. I will say that the pounding was refreshing. It was good news after good news. It has scientists, farmers and regular ol’ folk who illuminate the movie’s main point. Toward the end it even talks about cattle. There may be nothing to change some people’s mind about eating meat, but the film compels a sustainable system of cattle raising that is good for both the consumer and for the land.

The cinematography is beautiful at times, okay most of the time for this suburban boy, and the movie, surely made on a small budget, was done well enough so you didn’t think about the movie but the content. It didn’t really educate you on the many ills of our agribusiness model very well, but got their point across in a way that stirs the soul. To continue the movement of sustainable farming, which will take people who will choose sustainably grown food, they include their website,

I highly recommend the movie for anyone who is breathing.


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