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HELLO AND WELCOME... Total Life Pursuit Physical health Training Course! You are ready to make a change to your physical health and fitness. We are here to give you some tools. This course can be done alone, with a friend, or with a class, We guide you through 6 weeks of taking your health and fitness to a new level. Whether you are in great health or poor health, this course will take you through the steps to increase your health and fitness. 

guide to the course

This course has an online as well as a written component. You will find all that you need below for the online portion which consists of weekly work summaries and teaching videos. We also have posted a few workout videos and will continue to post more. The design of the course has an accompanying manual that can be purchased online through Amazon. The TLP Physical Health Training Manual is the key for this course to maximize the impact on your health.

The manual is divided into two main sections. The first sections give you an understanding of where you are in regards to health and fitness, and why you are there. It may seem simple at first, but we have designed the questions in this first section, which is the first two weeks, to discover yourself more fully. You will find it very helpful as you enter into the second section which includes the Healthier You Challenge. In this section you will be asked to begin to take your health and fitness up another level or more. Every week has three different levels of challenges that are designed to take you beyond your normal. You will perform two fitness assessments during your six weeks, as well as complete a health assessment. At the end of the manual there is a section for people of the Christian faith to look up different Bible verses that have to do with the body and health as well.

Are you ready to go? Order the manual (here) and dive into it. Great health and remarkable fitness are waiting to be attained.

Below are the links that you will need for weekly summaries as well as the teaching videos.

- Assignment Instructions 

- Healthier You Challenge

- TLP Physical Videos

- Fitness Video 

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