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Events and partnerships


Types of


Ways To Partner with Us

  • Financial giving

    • Year-end gifts

    • One-time gifts that are irregular

    • Monthly support for the ministry

  • Follow us on social media and send some encouragement through engagement.

  • Pray for us. If you want to receive prayer points, connect with us and let us know.

  • Strategic Introductions

    • We are looking for people with a similar focus to strengthen and encourage people to live at a higher level.

    • We are looking for people with a heart for pastors

    • We are looking for people with a passion for healthy living

    • We are looking for people who could open strategic doors for ministry

    • We are looking for people who would speak into our ministry with wisdom


Ways We Can Partner With You

  •         Ministering to your pastor and/or your church or group

  •         Go Well Project

  •         Life Coaching

  •         Health and fitness coaching

  •         Help you find your life mission

What You Are

Overall you are supporting the ability of Total Life Pursuit to strengthen and encourage pastors, leaders, and people to live remarkably well in every area of life. You are supporting a "pastor at large," and all the organization brings. We speak, disciple, write, blog, teach, and have two books in process. You are supporting people growing and excelling in life and leaving that legacy to others. You support God's intervention and connection with people all over the Americas. You are supporting the operating costs of Total Life Pursuit and our ability to give others what they cannot afford through monetary gifts and speaking without speaking fees.

Specifically, you are supporting:

  • Pastors, leaders, and people through the Go Well Project

  • Life coaching to pastors, leaders, and people who couldn't afford it.

  • The ability to bring workshops and conferences to churches and organizations that could not afford them. Specifically in Latin America and small churches across the U.S.

  • Changed lives and cultures in Christendom by teaching and coaching people, specifically in health and fitness.

  • Ministering the gospel to Latin America and small churches across America and stepping in for pastors who need a much-needed break.

  • Mentoring and discipling people here at home.


April 18 -             Mentoring Mornings - Downey, CA

April 19-26         Colombia

April 27                Regional Connect - Las Vegas

April 28                True Life Center - Cedar City

May 26-30          Foursquare Connection

June 20-July 2   Lima, Peru

Nicaragua and Costa Rica - TBD

TLP Story

Twenty-nine years ago, I planted a church in Orange County. I moved my five children to Fountain Valley and started the church in our home. We had a fruitful ministry, and I thought I would be a lead pastor for the rest of my life. Over ten years ago, I wrote my first book, Total Life Pursuit, and I knew that I would somehow have a national ministry. God told us to merge with another church seven years ago, and we together became The Sound. I was not the lead pastor of that church, and those growing pains caused much growth in me. The lead pastor of The Sound declared that I would have an international ministry. During the COVID shutdown, I began preparing more for Total Life Pursuit to become a ministry to the nations. In the midst of it all, God told me that my life was about to change, and I would like it. At the end of last year, I stepped up my preparations for launch as my responsibilities at The Sound became less and less.

I have been traveling and ministering in a dozen different cities for the last year. I have been doing what God has told me to do, except my sole support was from the generous pastor and council of The Sound. They believe in what I am doing and have supported me financially and in other ways to enable Lora and me to bring the Kingdom of God in a unique and fresh way to many different places. I always seem to be able to speak into pastors' lives, whether as a group or as individuals. Pastors need someone to come alongside them and encourage them. They need strengthening. It is my honor to be someone who does that.

Beginning January 1, 2023, the financial picture will change for me. No longer will I be supported on a monthly basis by The Sound. To be sure, they have generously set me up for success, and I can see God's hand in all He has done for me through The Sound. This transition that has been happening will be complete. I will no longer be employed by a church but by Total Life Pursuit. This is scary and exciting at the same time. Honestly, I can't believe this is happening, and I am so excited. It is my passion. I love doing this! I have three conferences planned in the first two months in which I am the keynote speaker, plus speaking in Mexico City and Huntsville, AL. This is just the beginning.

I now realize what God spoke to me in 2020 is coming to and has come to fruition. This is not a traditional ministry model, but it is God's plan for me. I get to travel to places and love people in practical ways. I need more open doors, more connections, and more funding. I am confident that God will do everything He has told me He would do.

I hope this story does more than inspire you to give. I hope it inspires you to live! To live in such a way that you leave behind mediocre in every area of life and press towards living the remarkable life Jesus came to give you. I pray that you find your life mission, but more than that, your assignments that change from time to time as mine has. I am in the last third of my life and believe it will be the most productive and impacting 30 years. I pray the same for you. If you are not to your last third yet, I pray that you will accept the challenge of the Spirit to go where He sends you.  

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