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Step 1
Order the Health Training Manual

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Do you want better health? Do you want better fitness? Have you accepted mediocre living, or less, as tolerable in life? Do you desire to raise your physical health up a level in order to live your very best life? TLP Physical Health Training is a six-week course manual with accompanying videos, that will take you through all aspects of your physical life - food, sleep, fitness, relaxation, water intake, sunlight and even laughter! It will help you assess the current state of your physical life, help you create reasonable goals, and walk you through a realistic plan to achieve the lasting change that you desire. The TLP Physical Health Training Manual is not a companion publication to the book, Total Life Pursuit. It is the next step because it helps you to enact the change that is needed to achieve your health and fitness goals. The intention of the TLP Lifestyle is to call you to a higher level of living and to equip you with the tools you need, encourage your journey, and build the hope within you that is needed to achieve success in all areas of life!

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