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what is life coaching?

Coaching is a conversation that empowers a person to produce insights and awareness that will lead to

the desired result for the client. Coaching works because the coach brings out the best in you by active

listening, asking questions, and facilitating learning while letting you lead. I believe that you can create

your best answers and best action plan, so I ask you to evaluate, reason, imagine and decide how to

implement your strategies.

Life Coaching and Executive Coach are the same things. They both empower the person or team to fully

live out your purpose and help you through the nuances of that purpose. Christian coaching adds in the

elements of God’s revelation, understanding, and wisdom throughout the process. It considers that God

has a call and a mission on each of our lives and empowers us to align ourselves with His purposes under

the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The reasons people want coaching are endless, and as unique as the person. Here are a few examples

that motivate people to use a coach:

  • To make significant changes

  •  To better deal with uncertainty

  •  To make better decisions

  •  To set better goals

  •  To reach goals faster

  •  To grow in every area

  •  To become financially more stable

  •  To get to your next level

  •  To improve your relationships

  •  To make a more significant impact on the world

  •  To be a better leader

  •  To simplify their lives

  •  To reduce stress

  •  To address transitions in location and employment

  •  To gain remarkable physical health


I have been in the people business for 26 years. I have successfully mentored, counseled, and trained

people throughout the years. Now I am successfully coaching people, and I see fantastic results. It

amazes me repeatedly to watch people become empowered and self-aware to the roadblocks and the

things that need to happen to reach their desired outcome. It would be my pleasure to ride with you on

your journey to a more successful, productive, meaningful, and enjoyable life.


Flexible Pricing Plan

I suggest that you start with a ten-session package to achieve the results that you are looking desire. The

minimum that I have discovered to be productive is at least five sessions of coaching. We will meet for

our first session, and if you decide that it isn’t a good fit for you, that session is free. So there is no

monetary risk to sit down with me. My prices are as follows:

- 10 session package $400

- 5 session package $250

All the prices are on a sliding scale. Total Life Pursuit helps people live healthy and joyful lives with greatness in every area, being compelled by their personal mission through coaching, encouragement, and equipping. Ask us about our price reductions if you need to. Do not let money stop you

from your best life.

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