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Food and Depression

Many people scoff at eating well. I get asked a lot about my “cheat day”, which I don’t have. For most people, eating well is all about looking good and physical health and fitness. Not so fast Batman! That is so far from the truth. Let me give you two examples.

Most of us have heard of dopamine. It is the reward feeling neurotransmitter that is essential in helping us sense the enjoyment of things. A lack of dopamine, according to, has been linked to Parkinson’s disease. Dopamine needs the amino acid L-tyrosine in order to be created in the body as well as vitamin B-6.

Ever heard of serotonin? It is responsible for mood balance. A lack of serotonin leads to depression. You need the amino acid tryptophan in order for serotonin to be created in the body as well as vitamin B-6.

Eating well has more to do with your entire life than you think. If your mood is bad your relationships and finances may suffer. Yes I am tracing all of this back to eating a balanced and healthy diet. You need protein, which is made up of certain amino acids. Eggs and beef have a great profile of amino acids. Vegetarians have to be more thoughtful of their eating in order to provide themselves with a full profile of the essential amino acids. It can easily be done though. Foods like sunflower seeds, pistachios and wild caught fish like tuna and salmon are high in vitamin B-6. Just encase you were wondering.

We plan so much of our lives, why not plan your eating? Just a thought.


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