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#5 Mental Intentionality

I am going to be intentional about letting God change me. My thought is renewing my mind. It is brain rewriting. A good friend of mine told me not to have an agenda for sabbatical. Dang! How about one agenda? I just realized that I have inadvertently put pressure on myself to perform on my sabbath! What kind of trap am I in?

Although I want to renew my mind, to rewrite my brain, I am now seeing that it must be a dream for me. It has to be a compulsion on the inside to bring me closer to Jesus. I can’t be performing something and risk disappointment in not attaining something. How about I just relax with Jesus and work the program (renewing my mind through various means) and see what happens? You can’t do this and win championships in football, but this is my life and that is where the illustrations of nearly everything breaks down. I have 30 or so years left in my life. From 0-30 felt like an eternity. I have got so much time left and I have got to be driven by taking a step by step approach with Jesus rather than attaining some goal that is really unattainable and something that I have chased for 58 years.


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