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#15 So, We Moved Resorts...

I feel like I have been away from home a long time. I miss everyone. We are at a new place and although more people are coming to my classes, it has a weird spirit about the place. It is certainly beautiful here, but there is more than meets the eye. I am having spurious thoughts that are negative. They are harder to control here. I texted the worship team some encouragement and only one person responded. I dealt with it, but it was hard not to feel unwanted. The woman who is in charge of the sports is a tough cookie. It is hard to not try to please her so she doesn’t scold me. We were given a room that is not great and we can here the disco thumping until early morning. So I am faced with many things to overcome. These types of things trigger an old response from me but I sense it is getting further and further away. It is smaller and less powerful. I am able to overcome the feelings that are caused by the thinking that has plagued me my whole life. I am not enough. So good things are happening but it ain’t been easy. The old thinking is passing away, new thought structures are happening.

We had a long ride from St. Mary’s Parish to Negril. We went snorkeling today and saw a lot of fish. It was nice. It is warmer and more humid on this side of the island. So we are sweating pretty good unless we are in our room or in some water. The beach here is really nice and long. The property itself has to be at least 400 yards long. It is on a strip of beach that is 7 miles long. We are looking forward to some walks. I taught three classes today and I was out of gas by the last one. They have me doing mostly HIIT and Tabata. The facility here is magnificent. I just wish I had a playmate that would enjoy more of it with me. I don’t want to drag Lora into all of the courts.

We continue to have some great food and it is easy to choose to eat fairly healthy, although desert has been a mainstay for the last couple of days. Does it count if there is fruit in it? I am wearing a badge here signifying I am a visiting fitness instructor. It has opened up more conversations and it is funny how people talk about fitness when they are clearly not in great shape. There are some beasts of men here though. I sat with two of them at dinner. They were big boys. One of them, from Indiana, had arms that were at least 20 inches.

We are having fun and played some games today on the sand, but we haven’t read that much. It’s funny how getting up and out then eating, then activities, then..., can ruin your free time. We are going to chill a little tomorrow after the 8:30 boot camp and the 9:00 abs on the beach. I need to dive into my book more and get thrilled about transforming my mind/brain. We will stay in the shade for the day since Lora and I are both peeling.


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