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#13 Taking it Easy

Lora and I have enjoyed our time together immensely. We are having fun. Yesterday we went snorkeling which made the day pass faster. I am not sure that is good, but it did keep me from getting bored. Zero people have come to my classes the past two days, so I have got some good workouts in for sure. In fact, in spite of sugary drinks and eating more than usual, especially in the carb department, I am not gaining weight because of my workouts. Plus, my body seems to be assimilating the carbs quite well.

I have skipped a day of journaling, reading, 21 day detox and I still feel bad about it. That means I need more transformation. I am trying my best to not sweat anything, but I have these goals that press on me. They are good goals that are to be attained. I am sure of it. Yet, there is this unhealthy part of me that still arises and says you are not performing well. I am not as frustrated with that as I usually am. I think I am becoming more at peace with my place and my processes.

I am reading a book called The Perfect You from the beginning again. It is really speaking to me. It is one of those books that you think everyone should read. She puts things so well. It is giving me such hope that I am not only unique and therefore have a unique place in the Kingdom and in life, but that I can change and still remain unique. Being unique means I don’t have to be everything or do everything well. So often the personality tests button hole you into a certain type that tends to be the final word on you. It’s like being defined by your past. I can’t do that to myself. I am not only scientifically changeable, I am spiritually changed from glory to glory. I will not be limited by my past.

I am enough for God. God’s opinion matters most. I am accepted by Him.


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