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#14 I'm Not "Everything"

It has been one week since I officially started my sabbatical. We have been in Jamaica for 5 days. It is blowing my mind that we get another week in Jamaica. In fact we get another 9 dinners here. I can’t wrap my head around it. I feel so blessed. When I tell people I am getting a 7 week vacation, they can’t believe it. I am blessed for sure.

Today we went snorkeling again and just hung out. The weather this week has been fantastic. Windy for sure, but it has helped keep the sweat off us. We have met so many people and so many young married. One of them asked me today what is the secret besides communication. I told them about communicating from the heart and hearing your spouse. I told them about the demon dialogues and it made sense to them. It’s so interesting meeting people who live other places.

God has been pointing out some things to me that all goes back to trying to be everybody's answer. Trying to be somebody. I already am somebody. I know that. However there is this deep seated thought that is being transformed and God is pointing out to me that so many things in my life stem from the thought of being enough for everybody. Being enough. That is the theme. I am so hopeful for change. I think that I am enough in many situations, but not all. Which makes me sad at the core of it. However, God is teaching me that I am enough for Him. He matters most. Truthfully, I am not enough for everybody else. I am not enough for my kids, my daughters and sons in laws, my grandkids, my church, my wife and especially for me. So WHOSE words matter most? What God says matters most. It’s okay to not be everybody’s everything. That’s God’s job. My job. Be transformed.


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