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Feed Your Body What It Needs To Get The Results YOU Want

We are always trying to find a hack for weight loss. We want a diet, a pill, a surgery or maybe even hypnosis that could get us to our desired result. Shed the fat pounds. Here is an unpopular hack that will work for most. (Some people have so much wrong with them that they need much more help than this, however this is one area that will help every issue). Nutrients.

Nutrient dense food is your friend. Color, fiber, variety and don’t forget some of it is to be eaten raw. Yes most of what I am talking about is vegetables. It is a person who wants to lose weight, go to hack and here is why.

Your body need nutrients, not food products. Your body operates on more than carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It needs vitamins and minerals. The explorers that traveled to the New World from England or Spain learned about the need for vitamin C. Well, it was a bit later that they put it all together. My point is the body, with one vitamin deficiency, couldn’t operate. People died. Just one vitamin.

The fascinating thing is we can expedite weight loss and bring success to our numbers by giving our bodies what they truly crave, nutrients. Specifically, micronutrients. Our bodies crave nutrients so much so that when they don’t get enough, they keep telling us to eat. When you give your body the nutrients it needs, it responds not just with your hunger being curbed, but in firing on all cylinders. Our bodies are fat burning machines and if the machine is well tuned, it will fire on all cylinders and burn that fat you want to lose.

So instead of trying everything under the sun, try some veggies and other nutrient dense food (not food products made in a factory and therefore “enriched” with the vitamins and minerals that were ripped out during the processing). This is one of the best hacks if not the best hack. Ditch the factory created food and go for the creation created food. Ditch the high whatever diet, and eat the micronutrient dense food your body craves. Get your nutrients from real food not shakes and pills.

One more thing. If you want to know how much of each mircronutrient you are eating, record your food in an app like Cronometer. It may be very helpful for you to balance your eating.

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