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Basic Tips for Cleansing

If you look at any health food store or any health website you will find cleansing products. There are total body cleanses, colon cleanses, kidney cleanses and toenail cleanses! I went too far, but so do all the claims of all of the products on the market. Although I do use a few every now and then including a parasite cleanse when I get back from South America or Mexico. We can get pretty frustrated looking for cleanses so I thought I would give you some common sense cleansing tips.

First things first. Don’t eat crap. That includes sugar. None. Zero. Nothing packaged either. Nothing shot up with hormones. If you want to cleanse or detox, you have to stop taking in toxic stuff. Set up a period of time and make it happen. I recommend at least 14 days, but if you have never done this start with whatever you think is doable.

Next, drink water. Lots of it. Divide your weight by 2 and drink that many ounces every day before 3:00. You can drink after 3:00 too. In fact when you drink that much before 3:00, you will be more thirsty after 3:00. To go along with drinking that much, sweat. Workout and sweat. Get in a sauna and sweat. Just sweat! Your skin is your biggest detoxing organ in your body. After you sweat drink some more. No sugar drinks. Water. Put some lemon in it. It will taste better and it will detox you better.

Take an apple cider vinegar bath. Make it as hot as possible. It will smell like you are coloring Easter eggs. Stay in for 15-20 minutes. You will sweat. Then drink more.

Finally to the food. Eat vegetables. Lots of them. In fact, eat only vegetables if you really want to go for it! You will have to plan your proteins to make them complete proteins, but veggies are the real detoxers of life! The greatest detoxers from the garden are beets, spinach, kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and don’t forget about garlic and ginger. If you are going to butter any of these, use good organic butter from grass fed cows. Your dressings can consist of spices, organic olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Sure you can do a vegetable juice cleanse, however eating the vegetables is so beneficial!

I think starting the year off with a cleanse is fantastic! Not just because of the holiday eating, but because it’s a new year. Why not use it to propel you to great health the whole year long.

Live healthy. Live remarkable

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