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Health Training Class

Do you want to be healthier than you are? Here is your opportunity. Total Life Pursuit and The Sound are holding a Physcial Health Training Course on January 12 - February 25. We will meet at 12:15pm at The Sound in the Fireside room to have lunch and encourage one another for the next weeks challenges. We will meet for one hour.

Health is more than push ups, running and organic vegetable eating. Physical health is multifaceted. You will be challenged to understand why you live the way you live and thoughtfully motivate yourself with long lasting intrinsic motivation to live healthier for the rest of your life. The course will consist of daily challenges for 4 weeks as well as understanding what you really want and how you want to live. The cost is $5 per week for lunch. You will received a course manual and be privy to online resources. Bring someone and we will see you there!

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