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#12 Learning to Rest

This is the first full day on Jamaica and it is really relaxing, except I am having a hard time relaxing. I started thinking about Hawaii and how there will be nothing to do and it concerned me. I am a little bored today. All this is detoxing. I am sure I will settle in, but I am more comfortable having a busy vacation than a restful one. What is it about me that is like that? I want to learn how to relax. I can relax at home after a long day and feel no compulsion to think or do anything, but now that the rest has really happened here in Jamaica I am wondering about the next 2 weeks here.

The day started with a workout attended by 2 people. One was Lora and the other a fitness trainer. So I had to go hard. After that we had a wonderful breakfast in the most beautiful of settings. Then we sat down and journaled, read, detoxed our brains and now we wait for the next class and dinner. Last night was marvelous. The dinner we had was so good. I had the best salmon in years. We opted to turn in early and get some good rest. I am so blessed to be here with my #1 girl! She is amazing. I can’t imagine life without her.


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