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You Have More Than You Think

My wife has been a pastor's kid, a pastor's wife, a mom, a grandma, and a discipler of women. She would tell you that her most important job was being a mom. Not only was she made one by having children, but she also had a calling from God to raise her children in the best and most godly way possible. Yet, it goes beyond that. I have seen her grow in that calling and her calling as a grandma. She loves being a grandma! It is more than having grandchildren. It is something that is inside of her. There is no B.A. in parenting or grandparenting; if there were, she could teach the class better than any professor with little experience and tremendous book knowledge. 


She has taken on another role that God has assigned her. Sometimes, I wonder if she sees it. She often says she doesn't do much when we travel, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have watched her minister to hundreds of people one on one. Every once in a while, she reluctantly speaks, but her gift of mom is evident when she talks with women of every age in a small setting. They are drawn to her. She loves giving away what God taught her through knowledge, wisdom, and experience, and she is an incredible listener. She has a magnetic pull. Wherever we go, people want her to speak. That is what we do in Christendom. That is not her gift nor her desire. Maybe the future will change that, but for now, she has the mom anointing, and she mothers people in the most shepherding way, both one-on-one and in small groups. It's kind of like she did with eight children. It is her calling. She impacts people wherever she goes.


Yet there is something that she would say that she "does." She prays for people. Lots of them! She wouldn't say she has the gift of healing or prophecy, yet wherever we minister, people are healed, and she speaks directly into their lives. On one trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, I prayed for the first two people in line, but nothing happened. Then she prayed for them, and they were instantly healed! No pain. A complete change from when I was done praying. I laughed and kept praying as she did. She wouldn't say that is her "gift," yet she does it because she loves people, and as a "mom" she wants to see everyone healed and encouraged. I see her from the corner of my eye with the mom face, giving a word to people and then hugging them. It is fantastic to see.


When asked about her role in the ministry, she answers, "to keep Terry going." That is such an incomplete answer. I sense that many people see their job as "keeping something going," yet there is an anointing they need to step into and watch God work. Maybe that is you. Perhaps you need to step into something. When Lora travels with me, there is no choice. She has to pray for people. I pray that you and anyone who reads this will have the same mind as my wife. You may not think you have this grand gifting or anointing to do great exploits for God, but you, too, would be wrong. You do. It is time to step into it and watch what God does.  


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