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Trip Wrap-Up (AL, CR, UT)

Our journey begins with an opportune visit to the grandkids and kids in Nashville. We love it when our journey lines up with Nashville! From there, we went to Huntsville, AL, where I spoke at a conference for pastors who were 55+. The conference centered around finishing well in ministry and life. I brought encouragement and practical equipping within the subject of physical health. (Surprise!) It was my pleasure to present the most uplifting and hope-filled message about the wonderful creation of our physical bodies and that even in our last period of life (last 30 years), we can change and become more and more healthy and fit! There was a revelation to Lora and I of the fruit of our ministry. Pastor Hewy and another two pastors approached us and told us about their health journey: muscle gains, gym visits after never going to a gym, and weight loss. The culture of his church is changing. We don't understand our impact sometimes, but God showed us that He is using us to fulfill my calling of bringing health to His people. We also were able to connect with several people who are in the pastoral care movement within Foursquare. We are hopeful that God will put something together. 


Next was a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, where I met up with my friend Andy Miller (no relation), an excellent interpreter. He is a missionary and focuses on training and mobilizing missionaries FROM Latin America to the world. Again, our ministry to their family in the past has been inspiring and has changed them in the area of physical health. After we left each other and I continued ministry in Costa Rica, Andy commented that I had ruined him. He thinks about everything he is eating and has passed on the typical 7/11 (which they don't have there, but you get the idea) snacks time and time again. 

We first traveled to Turrialba. It is a wonderful mountain community poised for God's move. The churches are unified for the most part, and all work together to win their community. I spoke to an alliance of pastors for three nights about managing life, prioritizing marriage and family, and physical health. We also got a chance to share about stress within the framework of stewarding your life. We were well received by most and honored for what we carry. I also shared a message of faith at the church for Wednesday night and activated people to pray for the sick. About 11 people or more were healed that night. One miracle that happened that night was to a bi-vocational pastor had a work accident where he got a shard of metal in his eye. He had a choice to come to the meeting or go to the hospital. He chose the meeting. He was prayed over and was completely healed that night. No pain, no redness, no nothing. His testimony the next night was one of a few we heard. Overall, the pastors and people loved our visit, and we strengthened them and spoke prophetically to many and were hosted in some of their homes for a meal.


From there, we went to San Jose and took our hosts to dinner after joining up with Andy's son, Elias, on a park day. I met several people from the states in ministry and connected with them. One of them wants to build a pastoral retreat center in Jaco. That is my dream! This will be their last year as missionaries for the Millers in Costa Rica. They will return to New Zealand, and we look forward to open doors in their beautiful country. Andy and Shona strongly believe in what we do with pastors and leaders and recognize the mantle on our lives. After that, we went to a church where we had gone last year. They had moved and bought property to build another church. I had prophecied over their church the last time I was in Costa Rica, and they sensed God was in that Word and moved forward to see Him fulfill it. I again spoke a message of believing God and activated people to heal the sick. About 17 people were healed that night, and several received the Lord. One guy was so happy about his healing that he showed me what he could now do. His back had been hurt for three years with severe sciatica. He could not put all his weight on that one leg. He was telling me about it as he hopped around on that leg! 


The next day was Sunday, and I ministered at Hosanna Vision in San Jose. I

preached two services and saw several people heal each service as we ministered individually. Because of the overwhelming response, I left Andy (the interpreter) with Lora and ventured off alone. We prayed, spoke prophetically over people, and brought some powerful ministry. There was a couple that I prophesied over and told them about their ministry. I thought it was something that they would do, but that was the exact ministry they were involved in serving. The funny thing is I thought they were married, but they just had a few dates! I think they will be married on my next visit. Lora prayed for a person with cataracts, and they were healed! Praise God!


After that, we went to another church and ministered to the staff. The staff was about 12 people, and they needed to hear what God wanted me to say. Many worked another job and then at church. So many burned the candles at both ends. We spoke with them and encouraged them with the wisdom God has given us. They asked questions and then opened up to reveal they were tired. Many had physical ailments, and we prayed for them. Some won't be able to tell if they are healed until they see a doctor. I know I share all the "wins," so I will share some reality here. One guy had a massive hernia. I laid my hand on it. Nothing happened during prayer, which was frustrating to me. We ministered to the staff for 2 hours, blessed them, and went home. We had been putting in some long days and were wiped out. 


The next day was a 5+ hour drive to Tamarindo. The weather had been nice, but Tamarindo was hot and humid. We ministered at The River church, which was only seven months old but had grown to about 150. The pastor was my interpreter, and we ministered to his church with the power of God. I spoke of faith, believing God for your needs, and sharing God's love with people. I activated them for healing after an altar call in which 12 people got saved. One lady was incredibly delivered from years of guilt and shame as she gave her life to Jesus. We met for coffee during the week and heard her incredible story. Also, about 25 people were healed, but after the service, we continued to pray for those who were not healed. I prayed for the first two people in line with a man from the States who had offered to interpret for us. Nothing happened. Lora prayed for the same people, and they were completely healed. I continued to pray for each person in line, and most were healed. One lady had traveled from San Jose for the meeting - 5+ hours away. People want a move of God in their lives! Lora had some English-speaking women help her pray and saw significant miracles and healings. Louis and I continued praying and saw several people healed. 


We met some ex-pats at the church and met with them throughout the week. The pastor and his wife were staying at a lovely resort villa owned by someone in the church. They live 8 hours away and have another church in Perez Zeledon. Their story is fantastic! They invited us to spend the last two nights with them, and we ministered to them. It's a connection that will become something in the future. 


Saturday morning, we were off to Liberia. It is hot there! Really hot! We stayed with our interpreter at her ranch, which has been in the family since the turn of the 20th century. We spoke at a church that night, but the interpreter didn't know English well. It was challenging, to say the least. Nobody was getting what I was saying. I tried activating them, but they didn't understand that either. My conclusion—- I have to speak Spanish!! One lady came forward for prayer whose feet and ankles always hurt. We prayed twice, and she started to cry because Jesus had healed her. It was very sweet. The pastor prayed over us to close the meeting and prophecied that I would learn two languages! Help me Jesus!

Sunday morning, we spent at Bethel church in Liberia. (No connection to Bethel Redding) We had a great ministry time, and I felt a special anointing to pray for marriages, which is what we did. We also prayed for a guy after the service who had pain in his back, so much so that he couldn't sit. We prayed twice, and he left with no pain. I told him to test it out, and he pressed on it, twisted it, touched his toes, and jumped up and down—- no pain! God is so faithful!


The evening service was our last; honestly, I was tired, hot, and feeling nothing spiritual. I just knew Jesus loved these people. I preached, I activated, and again, Jesus did His thing. Six people gave their lives to Jesus, and 25 people were healed. We prayed over more people at the end of service again and then returned to the ranch.


I have begun to expect God to do these things that I have seen repeatedly. I expect results in everything we do, whether we see it or not. So much of what we do is sow into people, leaders, pastor, and their wives without knowing how much they are affected. This trip gave us a glimpse of the impact we are having that we didn't know about. When I wrote a paper about physical health sent to 4000 pastors in a specific alliance, I asked God to bless it and change lives. He is doing just that. Although I expect God to move powerfully, I am still humbled that He is using me. I am just a guy who said yes to Him. We all are faced with a similar question. Will you leave the boat of comfort and do what He tells you to do? It is worth it!

I travel a lot these days, and although I enjoy what I do immensely, and my whole life was created and lived for these moments, the travel can be challenging. It has great perks and has difficulties that tax your mind and body. However, it is so worth it. I have found that travel for three weeks at a time is my limit for now. That is past Lora's limit, but she is a trouper. She is everything a man in my position could want in a wife. She thinks she does very little because I am the one speaking, but her ministry is powerful and effective, and her motherly way is what Jesus releases through her. I am so thankful for her.


After a week at home, I traveled to Utah, a new church home for me. I strengthened and encouraged people there, including Pastor Pete, on the ski slopes. I love the slopes for a meeting! We strategized how to care for the pastors he is shepherding in Nevada, Utah, and a small part of Arizona. That will be part of what I help him with.


If God puts it on your heart, would you support us financially? We do all that we do, traveling and ministering all over Latin America, the U.S., and soon possibly Africa, because of the generous support of our partners.


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