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Movie Review: "Food as Medicine"

Food As Medicine Review

This movie primary takes you through several people’s lives as they explore eating the right food as their prescription for health. Most of these people have some serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and heart arrhythmia. This and the constantly changing linear biographies help the film to keep your attention and even fascinate you.

It seems as though most of the film is filmed in Oregon, although that isn’t mentioned. The people throughout the film that are documented are average people. Some of them have great success and some don’t. The ones that don’t are the ones who don’t follow the prescribed eating plan. For me, the human element is the most fascinating one. One of the people was a medical doctor, researcher and professor at a medical school. Her journey to health from paralyzing multiple sclerosis is nothing short of miraculous.

As most food films talk about where to find them and sustainability of this lifestyle, this film was a bit more honest than most. It showed the difficulty as well as the ease of maintaining every aspect of eating healthy from shopping, to preparation, to the difficulty in staying on the plan to eradicate or at least minimize the sometimes major symptoms of each person’s disease.

Toward the end of the movie they talked a lot about community. Not in the sense of the community where you live, but the people you are in close relationship with. The testimonials as well as some of the narrated benefits of a community that supports and cheers you on are many.

I found the movie to offer hope with a good dose of reality that major maladies are not easily, nor quickly fixed. Some will be amazed, or have a hard time believing that eating right could reverse serious illnesses. They interview a few medical doctors who have discovered that the body works better with nutrition and eliminating toxicity from it. They encourage at the end of the movie that there is a growing percentage of doctors that are learning and believing the importance of the foods we consume. I recommend this film because of the hope that it brings.


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