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You Choose

Each day you have a choice to make. It really isn’t that complicated. You can choose to wake up with a smile on your face or you can choose to be anxious and grouchy. Some would say that they are not morning people. What does that mean? You can decide to be what you want. Most people are not “morning people”, because they are night people. What I mean is there are two factors that may be at play. First, you didn’t get enough sleep. Solution, go to bed earlier or take a daytime nap. The world will thank you. Second your body rhythm is more night owl that early riser. Me too. I don’t particularly like to wake up early. However, when I do, I tell myself to make the choice to have a good attitude even if I am tired. I don’t need coffee to do that. It is a decision that we all have the power to make. It isn’t easy all the time, but it can be done. You can retrain your inner circadian rhythm. I haven’t met many military personnel that don’t wake up early all the time. They had to – for years – and now they do it naturally. Training your body and mind can happen. You have the power to make those decisions. You are more powerful that you may think. God gave you that power. God will help you with His power to make choices that bring life to your life. He wants the best for you. Make the choices for God’s best.


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