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Reason #127 To Be In Shape

Listening to the harrowing stories of the people who narrowly escaped the Lahaina Town fire in Maui made me think, among other things, of being in shape. In one story that a man told me, a downed tree blocked the road, and as he drove around it with his four-wheel drive vehicle, he saw people shaking a fence as if to break it down. They were not able to climb over it. Others had to run to outpace the flames because traffic was jammed. Some ran past people who didn't make it. Tragic. I firmly believe in practicing what you want to be good at. In reality, none of the people thought this would happen to them, and they had very little time to act. Some had to tread water for hours or swim hundreds of yards. Do you have the ability to run for 1/2 mile? Could you swim a few hundred yards or tread water for hours? Could you help someone to get away by carrying them? What are the chances that you would need to do something like that? I don't know, but I want to be ready. We have insurance for the "just in case." Why not be in great shape for life's "just in case" moments? Maybe you wouldn't need to swim far because you are landlocked. However, you would most likely need to be able to run and possibly climb. These are things that can be practiced and continued for many years. Getting old does not preclude you from being able to run or climb over a fence. It also doesn't stop you from being able to carry someone. What would you need to do to be able to do all those things? Those things! Maybe you don't need to practice getting over a fence every week, but keeping your upper body strong enough might be helpful. Staying strong overall and having some cardio conditioning would also be beneficial for many things that life may throw at us. Total body strength and conditioning cannot be dismissed with, "I don't really need it." You may never need to run from a firestorm, but if the occasion arises where you do need to move quickly or remove yourself and others from danger, you can be ready for that through a lifelong fitness regimen. Here are a few things to consider when you create a routine.

· Stamina training– Work on stamina for both cardiovascular and muscular. · Strength training – Work on getting and staying strong enough to lift your body weight in every way possible. · Core and balance training – Work on your balance and ability to maintain excellent body control in all situations. · Jump and climbing training – Work on your ability to jump and climb up something using your legs and upper body · Landing and deceleration training – This is the first ability to be lost when you lose muscle because of a lack of movement.

All of these can easily fit within a four-day-a-week workout routine and will help you in all of life and not just escaping from a firestorm or another natural disaster. Reject any thought that says you are too old to… Instead, decide that you will help others by being able to care for yourself in every situation and being able to help others.


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