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Reason #124 to Be In Shape

Life often hands us things that we didn't ask for. We slip on ice and hurt our knee or back. We are enjoying the pool and slip and hurt our arm. We are in accidents and get bruised and Injured. We get a bad case of COVID, and recovery is challenging. I am not trying to get you to confess tragedy, nor am I prophesying bad things into your life. I am simply saying that some of us will need to recover from something from time to time. This is reason number 124 to be in great shape and good health. To plan for the future is wisdom. However, some people have probably never considered being prepared for an unseen recovery. It should make sense to all of us to set ourselves up for success. When life throws us a curve ball, and we are in poor health and have a low fitness level, any recovery will be much more difficult. It is wisdom to begin our recovery from a place of health and fitness. This is not why we are healthy and fit. That is why it is reason number 124 and not in the top 10. However, I was glad I was in shape when I tore my ACL. It made everything easier. So many people have had a real struggle recovering from COVID regarding cardiopulmonary health. If they had a high level of cardiopulmonary health to start with, recovery would be easier. You are ahead of the game when your body is operating maximally rather than in a deficit. Your fitness level and your metabolic health are vital to recovering from anything.

We have car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and maybe even a few more insurance policies. It's not foolish. Life throws unfortunate things at us, and being prepared is more than a boy scout idea. It is wisdom. Of course, you can go overboard on insurance. You can also create fear about your future through worry. I am asking you to ponder, are you treating your body like the incredible resource that it is? Is it ready for anything? If not, then get it ready! Your body will respond to your stimuli and be the blessing you need it to be when you need it.


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