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Ministry In Peru

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The biggest trip of this year was fantastic. It remains my privilege and honor to strengthen and encourage the church and its leaders.

In Lima, Peru, we began with a conference at Lima Templo. Pastor Fabio asked me to speak about the Holy Spirit. I sensed what God wanted to do in that church was to draw them close to Him and become "friends" with Holy Spirit. Friday night and Saturday morning, we spoke together about just that, and I encouraged them to enjoy a relationship with Holy Spirit daily and minute by minute. I ended by activating them to listen to Holy Spirit and to minister to each other. They were excited and receptive. Pastor Fabio said it was a perfect series for his church.

I then spoke on Sunday morning at Lima Templo and received a prophetic word for the church from God. I delivered that message and a teaching, energizing the congregation. They were so excited to minister to each other and see the Word come to fruition. That night, I spoke at a small church in Anti that is in pastoral transition. Honestly, I didn't get the message I would give until, during worship, I went outside and prayed with great passion. Then God dropped it into my lap. I prefer to study and prepare for more than 5 minutes! But God… He gave me what they told me was the perfect message. Pastor Fabio, who was to fly to Chili that week to speak at a conference, said He received His message through what God spoke through me. We encouraged and loved on the people of Lima and really enjoyed our time with some leaders for the next two days. They also took us to the desert and showed us their beautiful country.

It was off to Iquitos, Peru next. The largest jungle city in the world not accessible by road. On day 1, we accompanied a team to a river city to check on a water filtration system that James and Crystal's ministry put in a town called Indiana. The next day, we spoke at a youth meeting in the evening and continued to meet with local people and encourage them. We then spoke at a CrossFit gym owned by one of the couples that we met. Instead of the traditional

warm-up, I talked to them about functional faith. Then we worked out and sweated more than we thought possible. The temperature inside the gym was around 90, with 85+ humidity. It was awful ., but it was great! That day, the city had a march for Jesus that we attended, and then we had dinner with some missionaries. When we meet with people like that, we always talk about their marriage, life, and health and encourage them to attend to those often forgotten things.

Sunday was two services at Cuadrarangular Iquitos. I encouraged the church to give all of themselves to Jesus. I told them the story of Lora and me and how

I had to leave all the others to join myself with Lora. That was a good decision! It was a message that so many in this church needed to hear. The next day, we had a day off, but in the evening, we continued to take people out to dinner, buying dinner for them and strengthening them in the faith. It is wonderful to be able to take people out for a nice dinner that would cost them two days of wages. Iquitos is a very poor city, so people were very grateful. We had a "Strong" men's conference and a marriage dinner that both Lora and I spoke at. One of the couples at our tables owned a restaurant and insisted they open just for us and

served a traditional lunch. The people love to show you their culture and feed you traditional dishes. So lunch it was! That night, we also had dinner with some pastors in the city. Again, we were able to treat them and also speak into their lives. Our last weekend in Iquitos was good and culminated with three churches on Sunday. Sunday night, we spoke at a church where some missionaries that we met four years ago in Nauta now pastored.

They build a gymnasium for ministry to the youth and children, but they also have a Sunday night service there. I spoke about releasing the Kingdom and activated them to do it. They prayed and ministered over each other for quite some time and then off to a 10:00 dinner! Tradition.

Looking back, we were able to speak to so many people and do what we know God has called us to do: strengthen and encourage. Even some of the leadership in the youth group wanted to take us out to dinner to ask us questions about life, marriage, and mission. To be sure, we do all the stuff that makes up the Kingdom, but we are clear about our mission. We were able to tithe from Total Life Pursuit to 2 different churches, an amount that will be a great blessing. We sowed, we watered, and we even harvested some. One of my favorite things to do in Iquitos is minister to the people we know from previous trips who have walked away from Jesus. We did just that with a young man who has always been in my mind because of our impact on him with the first team I ever brought to Iquitos.

Some 15 years ago, that teenage boy said to me that I was more of a father to him than his father had been. That marked me. God marked him. We had lunch on Sunday and had such a restorative time ending with him telling me that he loved me and that I was like a father to him. All I did was love him. I spoke into his life. I told him what I saw in him. It is all stuff that Jesus asks us to do. You don't have to visit Peru to do the same thing. Speak life into people wherever you go. Like we have, you will affect people so much that they will never forget you.


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