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Fruitful Trip To Bolivia

My trip to Bolivia, which included ministering in Montero, Santa Cruz, and Tarija, was very fruitful. I preached in 9 different churches and had a day of street evangelism. I spoke 16 times during the 12 days on the ground. I spoke to two groups of pastors about prioritizing their children, marriages, and their health, as well as all of my host pastors. Pastors everywhere need this encouragement and strengthening, especially in Latin America. I thought this was to be the emphasis of my ministry, along with health, but it has turned out to be so much more than talking with pastors about taking care of the great gifts of health, marriage, and family, which is vital. It was no different in Bolivia, but I was ministering much more to churches and in churches about the things of the Spirit, faith, and the Kingdom. This is the first trip that I counted some results that I saw. I expect many people will go to the doctor and realize they are healed, but here is the approximate number I saw. 3 full-blown deliverances and many more people received significant healing to their souls 10 salvations 12 people received the baptism with the Spirit 57 physical healings Multiple hundreds of people personally prayed for One of the nights in Santa Cruz, I was asked to talk about marriage. It was a great night of ministering much-needed faith and love to marriages. One of the nights in Tarija, I prayed for very few because it was a night of activating the church to pray for each other. After speaking about how they have what it takes to minister the Kingdom of God, I had them encourage one another and pray for various needs that people had. They were very responsive.

All the glory goes to God for everything happening through the ministry of Total Life Pursuit. I am just a guy God is sending and going where He sends me. There is a part of me that is surprised, and then there is a part that isn't. I am not surprised at the greatness and goodness of God. Although this is sometimes taxing work, I am so honored that I get to bring what God has given me to the world. I know it is God who really gets all the glory, but He is using me. He uses the Total Life Pursuit ministry to bless and change people's lives. God will use you too! Why not let Him put you in situations that only He can do it. I can't remove a tumor I didn't even know was causing the problem I prayed for, but He did it. I can't heal several 65+ older men with back pain so that they could touch their toes and jump up and down with no pain, but He did! We can't tell somebody what is going on in their life and give them a message of hope, but God can tell us, and we can tell them what He said. Nobody told me this woman was raped and needed to release her past trauma, but God did and then cleansed her wonderfully! The list of what God can do and we can partner in all of it is never-ending. I will tell you this. It is pure joy. As I say about fitness, I will say about ministering in the power and love of God. If I can do it, you can do it. I hesitate to say this because I want you inspired to do the Kingdom, whether in your home, next door, or another country. You play an essential role. Please let me simply say if you want to support what I am doing, it would be greatly appreciated. Traveling is not cheap, but it is worth every penny spent. Lives are being changed. Click here for giving. One more note about Bolivia. I didn't know until day 5 or so that I was sent as a forerunner of sorts for a big evangelistic crusade coming soon to Montero. It is my pleasure to play whatever part I can play. Although my ministry in Bolivia changed and impacted hundreds of lives, this was part of a larger picture set to change tens of thousands of lives.


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