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Controlling Everything Is Stressful

I met a man on an airplane yesterday, and we talked about life. He had a few remarks that led me to share Jesus with him. One of the comments was about stress. We can all fall prey to becoming victims of stress. The stress he talked about was financial. Although he had a good job, what security does a job have to offer these days? Not much. This made me reflect on my life and the enormous energy I had put into worrying about that very same thing. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I worried more when I was in the ministry than when I owned my own business. This leads me to one of the reasons we are all stressed. We are out of control and desperately trying to control an uncontrollable situation. There is nothing but uncertainty with the economy, interest rates, and geo-political happenings.

Uncertainty is one of those things that cause stress. I told this gentleman I don't know how I would have lived without Jesus as my Provider. In saying that, I realized that although I believed that with everything I could, I really didn't believe it with 100% certainty, or else, I would not have been stressed, worried, or "concerned" about having enough money to live and care for my family in the past. How many teachings have I given regarding God our Provider, and yet my worry and stress revealed that I didn't believe it all the way. Maybe I did believe it more than I think but didn't know how to activate that belief within me. I don't know which one, but I am looking back on those days with grace. I am not perfect, but I trust God with everything more than ever. How about you?

In what do you trust? Is it your 401k or an excellent savings account? Do you have investments that are still doing well? Do you trust in your ability to work hard, find work, and create wealth? It is funny how we can trust in those things and pretend to trust in God. I encourage you to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with God. You have to answer whether or not He is your Provider. If you have any stress, worry, anxiety, or "godly concern" over your finances, the conversation may need to be a little longer than you think. Honest evaluations are the only way to attain another level of the glory of God that He has destined for us.

God loves to supply for you. Over and over in the Word, God provides for His people. Many times He lavishly provides. The lavish part is for us to enjoy according to His Word, and also for us to be the hands of Jesus to provide for others. The point is that God has no lack. He isn't going to punish you by not supplying for you. He wants you to be amply supplied for. He is a loving Father who gives good things to His children. Even though we know all this, we must activate this belief within our spirits. Take some time. Meditate on the Word. Confess it over your life. See it happening. Give yourself no other alternative. When those "concerns" come in, take them captive and preach the Word to them.


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