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Why be fit? Why be really fit?

My answer to these questions is; I want to stay in a state of readiness for communal and personal need. My addendum to the second question is that I don’t want to settle for being in average shape. How about you? Why do you want to be fit? If you don’t want to, or it is such a low priority in your life that you never get to it, what are your reasons? Answer those questions before you read on.

There is a lot of talk about community in our culture. So how about community as an answer? When you study the blue zones of the world, where the greatest number of centurions are, you find several undisputable facts about the aged in those communities. One of them is they ALL still contribute to the community. They have decided to remain a contributor and not become a burden.

What if you broke down with no cell service and had to walk 15 miles for help. Could you? What if you were in a natural disaster and needed extreme fitness to survive until help came, or you were the one who could help your neighbor. What if you were on a row boat fishing with your grandson and another boat turned over. You could call for help on your phone, but help is 15 minutes away. Could you dive in and help, treading water for 15 minutes? What if your spouse got in an accident and you had to help them in and out of bed, and you had to dress them. Could you?

Unfortunately disasters and emergencies don’t give advance notice so you have 3 months to get in good shape. Are you able now? Can you help like your soul would want to help? If not, maybe that could be one of your motivators.

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