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Think About It

What do you think about during the week? What thoughts continue to roll through your mind? If you are like me, sometimes or maybe a lot of time negative thoughts are allowed to enter and stay in your mind unchecked. Sometimes even if they are checked, they are allowed to stay. The biggest problem with this, is they make a difference! Your thoughts are powerful. There isn’t a thought that is allowed to stay in your mind that doesn’t have an effect on your life in multiple ways. It’s not just the vibe that you can give off, like a person who is expecting to be rejected often gets rejected, thoughts are mood altering. If you think about something that is sad, you tend to become sad. Conversely if you think about good things, happy things, pure things, things that are worth thanksgiving and worthy of our attention, then you brain, your body chemistry and your attitude will be fantastic. Not only will others want to be around you, but you will want to be around you! The great thing is we have a choice in the matter. We get to choose the thoughts that get to stay. So kick those negative, self depreciating, hateful, critical, pessimistic thoughts out. Who needs them. Keep thinking on the good stuff. Your life will be better for it.


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