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You Do Like Moving

Everybody likes to exercise. How could I say that? Because it is innate with us. It is in our DNA to move. It could be dancing, gardening, walking, weight lifting or farm work, but the fact remains that we like to move. So why don’t many people move? That is too long for a blog post! The fact of the matter is that we are designed to move therefore we like moving. We are designed to work our bodies to the point of sweat, exertion and panting because it does our bodies good. Our bodies thrive in an atmosphere of moving and they DO want to move. So find something you like to do. The gym is artificial farm work. You don’t like farm work? Run like a messenger. How about games? How about gardening? (Oh we are back to farm work). Do something and do it often. Sweat some and breathe so you can’t hold a flowing conversation. Your body will love you for it.


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