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Keep Choosing

Choosing to have a great day will enable you to have one. It will start the right chemical balance in your brain for a good day. That’s right. The converse is true as well. That is why when the day starts bad (as in bad attitude or outlook), it can spiral down the toilet bad. Chemicals. Then you start saying it will get bad, expecting it to get bad and sometimes even making sure it gets bad to fulfill what you have said because you like to be right. Ughhh! There may be things that happen to you that aren’t good in your day, but with a good brain balance and attitude, it will have a reduced effect on you. Why not start off this year with the idea that everyday is going to be a good day. David said that He sought God early in the morning. I don’t know how early that was exactly, but I figure if we seek Him before our feet hit the floor it will bring more life to our day. How about thanking God for the day right off the bat? How about asking Him to fill you up with Him before you brush your teeth? A little conversation with God first thing in the morning goes a long way. Even if you tell Him you are tired and talk to Him about it. It helps. It is hard to be a victim when talking with God, or to remain yucky in the head. (Yucky is a theological term for bad attitude that will ruin your day). I heard a guy say that he wants satan to fear his awakening. That would brighten up your day. “Oh no! The guy/gal who goes around and loves everybody and speaks blessing over people is up and again. And he/she is praying!!!” My day would go better knowing that!


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