TLP Weekly Health and Fitness Challenge


It is said that you need three people sitting at your table:

  • An encourager

  • A truth-teller

  • A challenger


When this was discussed at a staff meeting a few months ago, every staff member said I was their challenger. That is what I do naturally. I challenge people. It is something that God has put deep within me. Although I would like to say that I was always like this, that would be a lie. I have been like this for the last decade. I am not sure if it was purely a deposit within my soul, or my observance of a culture that settles for mediocre. Most likely it was a combination. I became stirred as I watched people die early or degrade for years before their death. I watched the incongruence of people who said they follow Christ but had such carnage in the “non-spiritual” part of their lives. I watched as solid people got divorced. I could go on to what I saw in others, but really I saw it in me! I had settled. I lived in the land of ordinary and settled for mediocrity in too many ways.


First, I challenged myself. Health and fitness was my first area of great challenge. I didn’t avoid other areas, but this one seemed to be a focus. Honestly, it seemed to be a kind of destiny for me. I was average in everything athletic or fitness. I never played high school or college sports, and I never was a stand out in the gym. Average. It was the same with the health side. I was “pretty healthy”. One day I did what I now ask others to do, I made a decision. I used my God-given volition along with my God-given strength and made a change. It took effort, but I have become very healthy and very fit. I am not going to compete at the Cross-Fit Masters, but I think that I am in the top 5 percent of fit in our nation for my age group. I haven’t arrived, but I am nowhere near “so-so”. It is not because I am gifted or talented, it is because I made a choice and applied myself to it.

I have found that challenges are good motivators. For me, I challenge myself to attain certain fitness aspects. It is fun to do it with someone else so I am inviting you along the road with me. I love accepting challenges because I know it makes me better. It gives me a reason to do something that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. My big challenge for this year is to ride my bike 1000km on the week of my 60th birthday. I am not an avid biker, but I will be by next November. How about you? Are you up for a challenge? Are you willing to make a choice to be challenged to do something this year that you have never done before?


Welcome to the TLP Challenge Blog! Each week I will outline the challenge of the week. You will reap all kinds of benefits for your fitness and health, but also for your discipline and your life in general. Your ability to discipline yourself correlates to the discipline you have in every other area of life. This is exciting because as you meet the weekly challenge goals, you will receive the “soul” benefit of accomplishing something that was difficult. These benefits are so far-reaching. Not only will you benefit physically and see yourself as a finisher, but physical health is absolutely connected to other areas of your life. I outline this in my book Total Life Pursuit. For instance, a person who exercises regularly has a decreased risk of depression. According to some studies, a person who has a well-balanced diet and who exercises can be cured of depression at a higher rate than counseling and medication. I am not saying don’t go to counseling, what I am saying is exercise and eating right has benefits that are far-reaching. You have more energy and more clarity, which affects your relationships. You go to the doctor less which affects your finances. I think you get my point.

Each week I will give you three different levels of challenges to choose from. You get to pick which one you will do. I want you to strive to achieve, however, I don’t want you to bite off more than you can chew. Use wisdom, but challenge yourself.

Level 1 – Novice level. You don’t really do this much.

Level 2 – Intermediate level. You casually workout inconsistently or twice a week, and have a level of fitness to your life.

Level 3 – Advanced level. You workout regularly and are in very good shape. 


On this website, there will be a video demonstrating the form of the exercise so you can do them properly. Please take a look at the video even if you think you know how to do it. 

I encourage you to get a group together. Rally people in your office or your family. Challenge them. Put some weight behind the challenge, as in money. Have fun with it! Whatever you do, accept the challenges as they will come every week. You can do it!

Week 1

This week we are going to get outside or inside a big building, and start moving. This is going to take 15-20 per day. For some that is going to be difficult. I get it. You’re busy. Take the time! It is worth it.


Walking is great for you because it is a full-body exercise. Granted it is not like a burpee that is one of the highest calorie burning exercises at 12-13 per minute, but walking does utilize your entire body. The major part of your workout is your legs of course, but your core gets a workout too. Walking has benefits for improving your mood and mental health as well as burning extra calories. Happiness times two! It improves digestion, reduces the risk of chronic disease, increases bone strength, increases cardiovascular health and increases your lung capacity. It even slows down the aging process along with many more benefits. If you choose level 2 or level 3, you will get more work on those legs and of course the buttock! Who doesn’t want stronger and better-looking legs? Ready to pick your challenge level?

Take a look at our weekly blogs AND check out our video tab to find tutorial videos for each week!