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A Plan

We all have things that are easy to do to live remarkably. A healthy eating lifestyle isn't that hard for me to keep. Exercising is a joy most of the time and definitely in my must do category. However, I work too much. I guess it is like someone who finds it hard to stay away from fast food "because" they are on the go so much and see no other way to eat. We all need to step it up somewhere in life.

Preparing for a convention as an exhibitor is a lot of work. That translates into more stress than usual and many overtime hours. The convention was a hit but it was busy. It gobbled up my rest day, my Sabbath. I got a half Sabbath. Not good. I could say that there was just too much to do and then there was the convention. Long hours were required. Then breakdown the exhibit and back to regular life without a break. You know what I mean. How could I have changed things?

Sometimes you do have to put in more hours than usual. Sometimes you are on the road with little good food options. Sometimes you are in meetings without a chance to exercise. Sometimes you have unexpected expenses and you either fix your car or walk home from 500 miles away. These things happen. How do you avoid them? Can they be avoided?

I was tired. Really tired. My attitude suffered. It was hard to remain joyful. I worked out - of course. It was the my day off in 14. My heart was beating inefficiently. A relatively easy workout as far as cardio goes was kicking my backside. What's up? I was tired. Exhausted. I needed the day completely off. My wife said something to me that hit me wrong. It took a couple of hours to get over it. Really? Hours? I was tired. Exhausted. What's a guy supposed to do?

Planning your life is the only answer that I see besides don't do it. Planning would have had more people to off load responsibility to. Planning would have scheduled a day off before and a day of recovery at the conclusion of the convention. Planning is hard. It takes thought. It means you may fail. It was my best option. Thankfully I wasn't doing everything at the last minute, spending the last 48 hours without sleep. I've done that. I have made progress. More progress is on its way. How about you?

It seems to me the easy way out is to blame. Playing the hard working martyr victim card. It's just not true. Planning is more important than we understand. Understanding comes in the planning. More success comes in the planning. Priorities are revealed in the planning. Satisfaction. Sometimes plans change. Goal attempts are blocked. You can't control everything. Some things are in our control. They are ours to administrate. Let's do it! Move up a level with me.


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