• Terry Miller

Change is Changing

Change is Changing...

I am not sure if it is our culture or humanity, but I have seen a phenomenon. I think it answers many “why” questions. You look at statistics on health, marriage or finances and you will see things that this phenomenon explains. It is why we don’t attain more of what we long for. It is the reason that so many have plateaued in development or advancement. The reality is that to change you have to change. 

It sounds funny when it is put that way, yet it points out the error of many who long for change but do the same things. It explains why pharmaceuticals are so popular. It explains why US citizens want the government to provide. It explains our unhappiness. Changing is different. Changing is hard most of the time. It takes grit. It takes fortitude and sometimes sacrifice. Change means we have to operate contrarily. That forces us to see that the way we have been doing things isn’t working. That speaks to a decision making flaw. We don’t like looking at our own flaws!

So many people want “better”, but are unwilling to give up “so-so” or even “terrible”, to get the better. They want a better marriage but don’t want to connect with their spouse on a heart level. They want to have an emergency fund in the bank but they don’t want to curtail their spending habits. They want to lose weight but they won’t give up ice cream and cookies every night. They want change in their lives but they are not willing to change their lives.

Maybe you have tried change, but the change you tried, like a fad diet, didn’t work. So back to the same ol’. You tried Atkins, lost weight, went off Atkins and gained it all back. You took your wife to San Francisco for the weekend and wined and dined her, but you came back and treated her harshly and without respect. You see where I am going – right? You have to maintain the change to effect the change. 

What if we looked at it this way? You realize that the way you are behaving, living, eating, talking or whatever isn’t getting you where you want to be. You see the error and you see that revelation as a gift! You see the future is brighter and what you desire is attainable. Your marriage can get better, you can save money to have an emergency fund and you can lose that weight and stop getting sick every 2 months! You see that the change that is needed is not temporary, but a lifestyle change. You begin to picture the change and what life would be living the way you want to live. You allow the feelings created in your imagination to be released. You see the happiness on the face of others because of your change. You realize that you are affecting them, be it directly because of the change or as an example of change. You are now a change agent. You made that change, now you believe that you can make any change. It may have been difficult, but you did it. 


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