• Terry Miller

#33 Almost Home

We are flying home right now. We can’t wait to see our kids! We look forward to seeing all our friends and church. I look forward to living with a new mindset. I wish I had another week so I could get things done around the house, but my choice was to be away the entire sabbatical. It was a good choice. Lora asked me how I was feeling about going home, (to us that is the mind and the heart speaking with one voice). I am a feeling good about it. I don’t think ready is the word, but satisfied keeps coming to mind. I am satisfied with our sabbatical. I am thankful I get to spend 2 days acclimating to life.

We went to church last night with Wendell and Patti, who pastor a church that just went through a church split. My heart hurts for them. I was suppose to bring an encouraging word but Wendell directed people to pray. They needed to fight in the heavenlies for their church as so they did. God spoke 3 words to me for the church and I gave them at the end of things. I felt like I was on Oahu to encourage them. I felt bad for only being there 3 days and even looked into changing my flight home, but decided against if for several reasons. It was good to minister to the body of Christ. I pray my words (God’s heart) had an lasting impact.

We will get in late tonight and our clocks will be off a bit. Breakfast is being made for us as some of our kids come over. I imagine we will have a few visitors and Lora and I will need to get back into the swing of things. One of the things I will do is set up a new scheduling template. I really look forward to that. The other thing is to pray through our house. I will not operate and live like I lived before. It is not going to happen. So if there is a spirit, atmosphere or anything else that needs to be addressed, it will be. We will all be better for it.


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