• Terry Miller

#32 We are 47 Days In

I can’t believe I have been given this gift. It is amazing to think about. Today we flew to Oahu and stayed with our friends the Choy’s. They are so generous and high end foodies. We went to Chinese/Korean Fusion. It was a hole in the wall place that was fantastic. We then went to the driving range and I shot with Wendell’s senior clubs. The shaft is so flexible it was crazy. I hit fantastic with them. I need them! Need is a strong word. We then went to a world renown Sushi place. People come from all over the world to eat here. Did you know it takes 30 years to become a sushi chef? Again, fantastic. We sat at the bar which means that you accept whatever the chef gives you. You do not order. There is a sign that is over the chef’s head that says, “trust me”. We ate every kind of sushi and loved it all! Well oysters are weird. We finished with a lobster that was cooked and you don’t have to dip in anything. It is great.

I feel like this was our warm up to real life. The city. Traffic. People. A precursor to back to work and people. Lora and I have been away alone for 15 days. We have been alone in Nashville and Jamaica for another 16 days. There were people around us, and we would interact occasionally, but we were flying duo for the most part. Especially on Molokai where you felt like you were away everything. I think if there is anything that I am not looking forward to in reference to coming back it is that I won’t be alone with my girl. Have I had enough? Nope! This connection that we have had for these 7 weeks has been incredible. Deep. Romantic. Fun. It has been so good. Life necessitates that we won’t spend this much time together. Her focus and my focus will be on many other things. That is probably my biggest sadness. I have relished these days together.


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