• Terry Miller

#30 1 Week Until Work Begins

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I thought I would anxious to get back to work. Nope. I am looking forward to doing something though. Truth be told. Finishing something would be nice. The thing I miss most is my family. Then there is my church family. I wonder if some have forgotten about me. What reception will I receive? I think it will be good. I miss being with everyone. I miss Brian and the rest of the staff. I miss seeing the people at the gym. I don’t miss my normal routine. It will never be the same. If I start falling into the same rut, I will leave for a day and let Jesus straighten me out. I miss worshipping with my people. I miss sharing my heart and inspiring people. I do not miss being stressed out. I don’t miss trying to prove myself to myself over and over again. I am not looking forward to working long hours, so I won’t. I am looking forward to having enjoyment in life and less seriousness and work. My goodness, I live in America. As bad as some things seem to be going, my life is blessed. I look forward to living in that blessing. Hard work and times of straight up joy enjoyment. The mixing of the two. We went into town yesterday and still can’t find fish being sold by anyone. It is a crack up! We are surrounded by fish! Literally! We went snorkeling at Murphy’s Beach. (Kumimi) It took us 1 hour to drive there. It was good. We met some people from Paso Robles and chatted. One of them was a Junior High teacher and I learn a few things. First, it is acceptable behavior for a student to tell the teacher to F—- off. Second, she can’t stop kids from vaping in her class. What in the world? We met another teacher from Washington state today and she said the same thing. She can’t send a kid out of her class as discipline! What has happened? I know that was off subject, but Lora and I are still shaking our heads. We decided to sign up for a snorkeling adventure to the fringing reef, which is purported to be the biggest one in the US. It was our big adventure here in Hawaii. Well, I am glad to say after a bumpy ride out to a spot on the the reef of about 30 minutes that made us feel like we were on a ship on Deadliest Catch, we reached the reef without being sick and jumped in for about an hour. We swam from 45-50 feet depth to a shallow part of the reef. We saw a crazy amount of fish. As we ran along the shallows, we entered the deeper part with sand. There was a reef head about 40 feet down and upon closer inspection, it was full of turtles. They were just hanging out. 8-10 of them! I dove down to them and took some pictures, but as Lora and I were just watching them one of them swam to us. He got about 3 feet away before turning away and swimming off. We must look weird in masks. We continued and saw these fish that look like small sharks but aren’t. The captain told us about them. They were super cool. We saw a whole school of them shimmering in the sun drenched water. Super cool. (I sound like Maleah). When then went to the “turtle spot” and dove again, there were more turtles for sure. We probably saw 30 turtles all together including one that seemed to be scratching himself on the anchor line. It was super fun and Lora didn’t get too sick. All her cookies stayed intact. It was a great experience. Glad we did it.


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