• Terry Miller

#28 (Learning) the Importance of Sleep & Rest

I learned something about myself this morning. Lack of sleep is a problem. Before I solve the problem of why, in paradise, with no stress, did I sleep horribly, I have to ruminate on my mood and the difficulty I am having staying positive. I know that lack of sleep affects your cognition, weight loss and certainly your mood. It is a big issue. I haven’t slept well for years. When I do I am so thankful when I wake. I remember the first week in Jamaica that my alarm had to wake me after 9 hours in order to get to the gym to train. I got some good sleep there. I have heard of people sleeping for a week. Not straight through, but for 12 or more hours a day. I can’t even imagine that. Especially this morning. It got me thinking about the way I think though. My sour mood and my struggle to control negative thoughts that have been racing through my mind. I am not their victim but it hasn’t been easy to stop them. I have thought negatively about impossible things and possible things. The common theme is, it is not going to work out well for me. That is crazy! After all the purposeful, positive and godly thinking that has been going on for almost 6 weeks, a bad nights sleep has brought this difficulty. I think so. My wife says I am a Ferrari. I am high performance, fast and sexy (Okay, I think a Ferrari is sexy). She says that because of my high performance engine, if I am just a little out of tune it really affects the desired performance. I have believed her for decades. I see that. I see it with calorie intake, water intake, macronutrient intake, output (exercise) and I have known about sleep, but today is an eye opener. If, when I am relaxed and have zero to do except go to the beach, then the water, eat and repeat, I am affected by little sleep, how much more when I am under stress, timelines and life in general. This is a great lesson for me. I have to get some sleep. Not enough sleep will torpedo me. I may not sink, but I will have a hole to contend with. Now I’ll ask Holy Spirit what I can do to sleep better. It is more vital to me know. Silly. Now. After years. Now it is. The big storm broke apart and passed by us for the most part. The surf is high which ruined our snorkeling plans. No I am not surfing. No board. We found a secluded beach nearby. It was great. The water in front of our condo is brown from the silt from last week all of a sudden. The secluded bay is beautiful and is a 10 minute walk. It gives us something to do. We went on a hike yesterday. Well, more like a walk, but found that bay and climbed a rock nearby. I gues you would call that “lavaing” instead of “bouldering”. We found the ruins of what must have been a lighthouse. Au was on tap for our sunset dinner. I love sunsets. Today I have to workout a bit more and see if I can tire myself out a little to sleep better. Without much movement I really don’t have much of an appetite either. Small portions every day and night.


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