• Terry Miller

#27 Already 37 Days In

We are on Molokai now. It is absolutely beautiful. Paradise. Our unit is ocean front like I yearned for and it is amazing. We arrived yesterday and shopped for grass fed beef and organic vegetables. Our little beach right in front of our place is swimmable, which was vitally important. Looking at the ocean without going in is unthinkable. We saw some spongers taking waves nearby. Tomorrow I will get some of that for a little fun. We are having a great time, but this place is slooooowww. There is nothing to do. Our pace has stilled. Maybe even stoped. We have read, sunned, swam, eaten, watched some Hulu and slept. Lazy for sure. I didn’t even work out again today. Tomorrow for sure. We went to a farmers market today and bought some produce and then to the markets. Some things were a lot more than the mainland and other things not so much. It was interesting to muse the isles. We now have enough food for a week or so but will have to get some fish, which is hard to come by, or more beef. How is fish hard to come by here? We are surrounded by ocean! I don’t understand. I am really loving this pace. I don’t want to move here, although a visit next year would be good, or a writing retreat, but it is making me appreciate slowness. I like it most of the time. I do get antsy. I want to do something. I read a lot today. I wanted to do something else. So tomorrow we will hike around a bit and find another beach to sit at. I don’t know if I will ever be the guy in the Corona commercial (2 people sitting on the beach with 2 Coronas on a table), that will sit there all day, day after day, but I am enjoying the downtime and just sitting and taking it all in - or taking nothing in. Just not day after day.

God is good. Challenging me with blessing.


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