• Terry Miller

#26 Two Weeks Left

Where has the time gone? Seriously! I found myself thinking, I should have asked for more time off. Maybe some acclimation time when I return. Several pastors told me they took 3 months sabbaticals. That sounds pretty grand right now. It almost makes me panic when I think that it is almost over. I feel like I haven’t had enough time to really change. I haven’t worked through enough manuals. I haven’t read enough. Boy that is the old thinking trying to assert itself. God has been breathing on me. That is enough. Do I wish...? Of course? I also wish I had a distant relative that would leave me 10 million bucks too. The last 2 weeks are going to be so good. I don’t even understand the chill in Molokai that I will experience, but it will be good.

It is July 4th and we are not going to see fireworks. We have dealt with enough traffic. We tried to buy fish on the road and in the store with no luck. Well we could have paid $25 bucks for shark at a store! So we found a place and paid for someone to cook it for us. I had the ahi and it was delicious. We are packed up and we have too much stuff and food to take to Molokai. There is going to be an extra charge for sure.

We tried to snorkel today to our south, but a swell was in and snorkeling was either dangerous or bad. We ate lunch in a lava field and went swimming at 2 different beaching. The last one Lora got rolled up by a big shore break. I didn’t see it but I watch some people on the beach laughing. She could have been on Kook of the Day. She was fine and laughed at herself. That is something that I love about her. I love this woman!


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