• Terry Miller

#25 Quality Time With My Wife

We are having so much fun. I have figured out again what I have known, I am a better boyfriend/lover/husband to Lora when I am away with her. I don’t mind being better when away with her, but I have to be better to her when we are in the middle of it all as well. Away times will always be special and a time that I can put my focus on her and how much I love her, but more focus needs to happen at home. I love being in love. I love the feeling. I love how I behave. I have got to carry that around more. It will only come through purposeful thinking. Another area of change. Bring it.

We had the best time snorkeling today. We tried to go to 3 or 4 different spots and only one of them worked out. There was either no parking or we couldn’t really find the spot, but we found Honolua Bay. After a organic turkey sandwich at a roadside trailer where Mary from Santa Cruz gave us a free lemonade because she liked us, we then walked a trail to the spot. What a spot! I saw more fish than every before. We saw 3 huge schools of fish, one of them I am sure was over 1000 and we saw so many different varieties. It was incredible to share it with Lora. I kept trying to take pictures, but they just fall so short on telling the story of the beauty and color and sheer number of fish we saw. It was so wonderful and really quite awesome. Just thinking about the fact that God made them for us to see, enjoy and of course eat. We swam around for over an hour and then made our way back to Kihei and our AirBnB.

Funny story about traveling through Lahaina at 5pm. Worse than the 405 at 5pm. It was crazy. 31 miles in 2.5 hours. Most of the traffic was around Lahaina where about 5 miles took most of the time. At least we got to look at the ocean and beautiful topography of Maui.

That night we shopped at Costco, but the next night we BBQ’d steak and watched the sunset. Our Airbnb was on the beach and had grills. It was fantastic.


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