• Terry Miller

#21 Living Day to Day

Today we had appointments. I actually had to be certain places at certain times. We had 3 appointments and, of course, a workout. Speaking of workout, Total Fit Gym workouts are no joke. I am in great shape and while in Jamaica I worked out twice a day most days. After 2 days back at the gym I am so sore! I don’t have to be this sore but I went after it. I worked out heavy and hard. Today was no different and I am feeling it. I love it really. I just didn’t know how great our workouts were until this week. It is another level for anyone who wants the next level.

Lora and I got a massage today. It was a different massage than we have ever received. A different style. It was splendid for sure. You never know what you are getting with Groupon, but this one was a winner. Lora and I were in the same room for the couples massage but said nothing to each other the whole time except when the masseuses went out to get some warm towels. At several points my masseuse got on the table to exert more pressure on me. Once she put her knees on my hamstrings as she performed efflerage on my back. At first I thought, “what in the world” and then I thought, “my hamstrings need that kind of work.” I had so many knots in them. We both loved it.

We saw my cousin Tom today. Lora is so good at talking with him. He is in an assisted care facility. He has been declining for years and is another example of what I don’t want to be. We have so much control. I will maintain my health and fitness for the rest of my life. Not only do I not want to be in a facility like that, although he is in a super high end facility, I don’t want to live like that. I think we are the only people who go to see him. It is so sad. I asked him about Jesus again today. About thanking Him for His sacrifice. He said He didn’t believe it. He is pretty foggy on most things, but that answer was quick and concrete. I am not giving up.

I actually cleaned the garage and fixed the outdoor drain today. I did something! I was exhausted! Tomorrow, off to the desert with the family. I am looking forward to it.


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