• Terry Miller

#17 Learning To Be Purposeful

My classes are still attended by at least 2 people and up to 6 each day. It makes the training fun. The director here wants me to do Tabata and HIIT the whole time and I am getting tired of it. Some people come everyday so it is challenging to change things up with the equipment that I have in the yoga room. I am pretty tired still. I do a core workout everyday. Today I did a Tabata that was upper body which was needed. I showed some fatigue too quickly for sure.

Unlike Tower Isle I am not sleeping as long. Maybe that means I have caught up? I do still take a mid-day nap though. Island life. We were at the piano bar last night being entertained until the piano guy spotted me with a badge on. I had a microphone stuck in my face a sang a chorus of a Steve Miller Band song. Then he says that he is going to have me talk about what I do at the resort and then sing a song. What!! We found a place to sneak out and left. I hate being put on the spot like that unless they want a worship song. I doubt he knew any. Usually those places are sing along with the group and it is a fun little thing we do before we retire to bed. Sing a solo? An entire song? On the spot? Deer in headlights.

I can’t believe that I have more than 5 weeks left. Am I counting wrong? I am not bored. I just am in amazement. Okay, a little guilt here and there, but even when we tell people at the resort, they just say things like, “good for you.” I am not getting as much down time or reading time as I thought I would which is a little frustrating. There is plenty of time for that but I just don’t want the time to get away from me. Purposeful Terry. Be purposeful. Here, one of my purposes is to love on my wife like she deserves. So rather than reading an extra hour today, we will go on a long walk and hold hands. Last night during dinner we told each other 5 things we really appreciated about one another as we at under a half moon on a patio that was lit with torches. It was a great night. I love her. She is more than I knew to ask for. I am so glad I can give her this experience with my full attention.


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